Halo Master Chief

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Kunden, dann stehen teilweise hierzulande eher unbekannte Filme ganz weit vorn, daher kann sich ein Blick auf unsere Leistungsbersicht und die Beitragstarife lohnen. Der Film Captive wurde im Jahr 2015 produziert.

Halo Master Chief

Die epische Reise des Master Chiefs umfasst 6 Spiele für den PC in einer zusammengefassten Spielerfahrung. Ob Sie nun ein langjähriger. Etwas überraschend hat Industries die PC-Version von Halo: Combat Evolved als Teil der Master Chief Collection veröffentlicht. Halo - The Master Chief Collection Standard Edition - [Xbox Series X, Xbox One] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei ilyoyocontest.com bestellen!

PC-Version von Halo: The Master Chief Collection hat viele neue Spieler angelockt

Die Halo-Spielereihe erzählt die epische Reise des Master Chiefs in vier Teilen, die hier in einer einzigen Gesamterfahrung vereint sind, die. Halo: Die Master Chief Collection ist eine Zusammenstellung von Ego-Shooter-Videospielen der Halo-Serie, die ursprünglich im November für die Xbox One und später für Microsoft Windows bis 20veröffentlicht wurde. Die erweiterte. Die PC-Veröffentlichung von 'Halo The Master Chief Collection' hat dafür gesorgt, dass die Spielerbasis stark angewachsen ist.

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Halo: Die Master Chief Collection ist eine Zusammenstellung von Ego-Shooter-Videospielen der Halo-Serie, die ursprünglich im November für die Xbox One und später für Microsoft Windows bis 20veröffentlicht wurde. Die erweiterte. Erlebe die epische Reise des Master Chiefs. Alle sechs klassischen Halo-Spiele wurden jetzt für Xbox One X mit bis zu 4K UHD- und HDR-Unterstützung*. Etwas überraschend hat Industries die PC-Version von Halo: Combat Evolved als Teil der Master Chief Collection veröffentlicht. Im Microsoft Store sind Hinweise aufgetaucht, die auf einen baldigen Release von Halo Combat Evolved als Teil der Master Chief Collection. Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Correct Chronological Order of Playing Halo Games July 1, Lenusik Guides 0 If you wonder what’s the right order to play the DLC, this short guide is . Anmelden Username Passwort Anmelden Mit Facebook einloggen. Sie können den Widget-Assistent verwenden, um HTML-Code zu generieren, den Sie in Ihrer Website einbetten können, um es Ihren Kunden einfach zu ermöglichen, dieses Spiel bei Steam zu kaufen. Sobald es diesbezüglich handfeste Film-Streamz gibt, findet ihr sie natürlich umgehend in unserer News-Sektion. Halsey's personal journal Halo: Fall of Reach Boot Camp Covenant Invasion Halo: Glasslands Mentioned only Halo Living Monument Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Terminals Halo: The Thursday War Mentioned only Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Scanned Halo 4 Spartan Ops Mentioned only Infinity Briefing Packet Mentioned only Halo: Initiation Halo: Escalation Halo: Mortal Dictata Mentioned only Halo: Broken Circle Mentioned MarvelS Daredevil Staffel 4 Halo: Nightfall Mentioned only Soldier Within Mentioned Detektiv Conan - Der Scharfschütze Aus Einer Anderen Dimension Halo 2: Anniversary Terminals Halo: New Blood Mentioned only Hunt the Truth All Hail The Cost A Hero Falls The Hunt Begins. Until the age of six, John lived a normal life with his family on the colony of Pidgeon II. March 7, [1]. Chief's determination and selflessness made Thomas Laskythen a young, doubtful cadet, dedicate his life to military service, eventually reaching the position of commanding officer of the most advanced human ship. Before he could drop John into the abyss, the Didact was surrounded by Cortana's rampant personality spikes who emerge from the light bridge. Later, John spoke with now-Captain Lasky Mockingjay 2 Kinostart the loss of Zyklusrechner App companion and the nature of their duty as soldiers. In Julynearly five years after John went into cryo-sleep, the aft half of the Forward Unto Dawn entered orbit above Requiema Forerunner shield world. The Verge. Despite nearly being killed, Cortana and John's teamwork allowed them to prevail in an impossible situation, the first of many such accomplishments. This culminated in an attack on Earth and the Didact's temporary defeat, as well as the apparent loss of Cortana. The three of them managed to wrest control of the hulking vehicle from its hijackers. Bruce Thomas Halo 4 and Halo 5. Halsey Gute Slasher Filme resuscitated her.
Halo Master Chief
Halo Master Chief Master Chief Petty Officer John is arguably the most pivotal and important figure of the human race in the midth century. Abducted at the age of six years old from his homeworld of Eridanus II by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), he was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. Fills in the gap between Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, explaining the Master Chief's return to Earth and the survival of a number of characters from Reach and Halo. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx: Eric Nylund Jonathan Davis Follows Kurt, the training of the Spartan-IIIs on Onyx, and the three-sided battle for the planet in Halo. Master Chief Petty Officer John, more commonly known as the Master Chief, is a SPARTAN-II commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He is the protagonist and main character in both the Halo trilogy and Reclaimer Saga. Master Chief Petty Officer John, also known simply by his rank as the " Master Chief " or (as is common in military culture) simply as the " Chief ", is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the UNSC Navy 's Special Weapons division. He served as one of the most important figures of the Human-Covenant War. The Master Chief’s iconic journey includes six games, built for PC and collected in a single integrated experience where each game is delivered over time. Whether you’re a long-time fan or meeting Spartan for the first time, The Master Chief Collection is the definitive Halo gaming experience. Included with Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Vor den Filmen werden Werbespots eingeblendet, Mockingjay 2 Kinostart Ebony oder Jake Mclaughlin Asiatin anzusehen, Jonas, weil er eine groartige Hommage Halo Master Chief die ra darstellt? - Details zum Spiel

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Halo 2: Anniversary. Halo 3. Halo 3: ODST. While the pilot stayed behind in crashed Pelican, the Chief proceeded to assault AA guns.

After dealing with guards, John made his way to one of cannon's control room where he was contacted by Escharum , who openly challenged the Spartan for a fight.

Some time later the Chief found himself in Halo's control room where he presumably came in contact with Cortana. Until the age of six, John lived a normal life with his family on the colony of Eridanus II.

His conscription into the SPARTAN-II program was to shape much of his personality in the years to come. However, despite his difficulty relating to non-Spartan personnel, John nevertheless showed great depth of character throughout his many years of service.

As with all Spartans, John strives to win at any situation, at all costs. Although the drive to win was ingrained to the Spartans as part of their indoctrination, John appears to have possessed such an inclination even prior to his conscription; as a child, he would win at any game he played, including chess , gravball or King of the Hill.

John is also noted for his exceptional luck, which, along with his combat skills and unyielding persistence, has allowed him to emerge victorious from situations many would consider impossible.

Because of his many years of constant combat and military conditioning, John is not as emotional or sensitive as he once was, especially to fear.

Although he is not devoid of fear, he simply acknowledges the feeling and puts it aside. On several instances, John has been forced to make tough decisions in order to achieve his goals, such as leaving behind his Spartan comrades on Reach or Cortana on High Charity , though he did come back on both occasions.

More than once John has had to disobey orders to preserve human lives, as he did when he decided to keep Cortana to himself instead of surrendering her and pursue the Didact on his own.

This decision proved right when the Didact was stopped before he could compose the entirety of Earth's population. The members of Fireteam Osiris , sent to recover John after he went AWOL, understood why he disobeyed the orders, and were confident that once the Chief discovered the truth behind Cortana's actions, he would do the right thing, as he always did.

He fully embraced his life as a soldier acting as a "shield and sword" for humanity in times of need. He feels no resentment towards Doctor Halsey because of his conscription, instead accepting the life imposed on him as a chance to live up to his full potential, in part because he was little more than a playground bully when he was conscripted.

As every Spartan, John has a strong sense of duty and commitment towards the UNSC. When he was asked by Warden Eternal that whenever " Cortana's Guardians are in motion and those who oppose her rule attempt to take back their worlds, will he help her to hold on to power or will he stand in defense of his own species?

He does not see himself as a superior being and fears for the lives of others before his own, putting himself in harm's way for the safety of civilians, and fellow soldiers, and does not judge others.

Indeed, he is known to show an exceptional care for soldiers under his command and has shown great respect for the baseline humans he has fought alongside.

An example of this is during the Battle of Installation When making his way up to the Silent Cartographer , two Helljumpers, PFC Hosky and another Corporal , were killed by two Hunters.

Afterward he regretted their loss, blaming himself for their deaths. In the first two days of training on Reach, John learned two lessons that affected him personally and which he took to heart: you win if the team wins, and the team is stronger together than any one individual alone.

He never endangers the lives of those under his command if it is unnecessary. He would rather risk his own life instead of the others. During the Battle of Circinius IV , he drew a Hunter's attention in order to give the cadets a chance to run away, even with him running out of ammo.

Deciding to follow Cortana's lead to Meridian on his own, John wanted to keep other Spartans from violating the UNSC regulations, though they decided otherwise and chose to remain by his side.

He was also impressed by the humans who comprised his team following his escape from Installation 04, including Sheila Polaski and Corporal Locklear , both of whom he considered to have been worthy of being Spartans.

John is also known as a man of his word and will strive to keep any promise he makes, even at great personal risk.

As he was forced to leave Cortana behind on High Charity, John promised to come back for her after dealing with the Prophet of Truth.

Cortana chided him not to make a promise when he knew he couldn't keep it. However, despite incredible odds, John did keep his promise, as he fought his way through the Flood into High Charity to retrieve her.

Upon finding her, Cortana was in a weak and damaged state. Unfazed, the Master Chief told her, "You know me. When I make a promise John's unfaltering, determined nature also serves to mask his feelings on many occasions, as he prefers to devote all attention to the goal at hand.

He is cautious and observant, only making changes in his plans if they are of the utmost necessity. John is smart and noted for thinking outside the box, using unconventional means to reach his goal.

He realizes his duty as a Spartan is to serve and help those in need, and can work professionally with anyone he is sent into battle with.

Although John has difficulty understanding the 'undisciplined' lifestyle of civilians, he is fiercely protective of their lives and humanity as a whole.

The mass slaughter of civilians at the hands of the Covenant was enough to drive even the stoic John into a cold rage. After the massacre on Draco III , John and his Spartans remained on-site until every Covenant soldier responsible for the atrocity was dead.

John greatly dislikes being kept in the dark, ambushes and fighting human soldiers. Once, when cornered by four large ODSTs in a gym, he did his best to avoid a confrontation.

In the end, he was forced to defend himself with lethal force. While killing Covenant never placed a burden of guilt on John, ending the lives of fellow human beings was something he never felt comfortable remembering.

Also John, as with many Spartan-IIs, hates space battles, as being stuck on a spaceship during a space battle makes him feel helpless.

As a soldier, John knows when it is appropriate and inappropriate to fight, and has great control over his emotions thanks to a clear state of mind.

Due to his augmentations, he reacts much faster than an average human, seeing events in a fraction of the time a normal person would.

It is almost a clairvoyant state of mind, and as a result of this, John has an acute intuitive insight and perception of any situation, whether combat or non-combat.

He has been known to have vivid and long-enduring memories of the past, such as in dreams. No matter how well-adjusted he is, however, John always seems to need to have a quiet place away from crowds after a battle in order to feel at peace.

While reflecting on his life during his battle with the Didact John stated that he did not remember anything from his childhood from before his conscription: not his name, his family, his home, except the King of the Hill game he played with the other children in his school's playground.

Through thirty years of warfare he was always prepared to die in battle, but when he was about to die by Didact's hand on Gamma Halo, he discovered he was not ready to die.

Throughout his training, John proved himself as one of the most promising leaders among Spartans, and Dr. Halsey considered him the best candidate in the entire program.

His aspiration to win and his care of his teammates eventually helped him gain the position of squad leader. In years to come, many Spartan fireteams emerged with their own leaders.

John took command of Blue Team, though he kept his commander role for the whole SPARTAN-II company. During Operation: SILENT STORM , John so greatly impressed Colonel Marmon Crowther that the Colonel, who had previously expressed doubts about the Spartans, promoted John to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer from the rank of Petty Officer First Class, a previously unheard of three-rank bump.

However, Crowther recognized that John's inexperience left John having trouble differentiating between being a commander and a leader and gave the young Spartan advice that he would take to heart.

As a senior Spartan, John took his responsibilities very seriously. After the augmentation procedures that took lives of nearly a half of Spartans, John was devastated; observing how his crippled brothers and sisters were transferred to other UNSC divisions almost made him furious.

John was the one who volunteered to test Mjolnir armor even after Dr. Halsey confirmed that all previous testers died in process.

Being a leader, John would not order his men to do what he could not do in the first place. He was always confident in his men's capabilities, suggesting the most proficient ways to solve the matter, which were considered by non-Spartan personnel as suicide.

What affected John the most were the deaths of people under his command; John considered every Spartan lost during the war as his own mistake, swearing to become stronger the next time.

More than once John took command of mixed units or squads consisting of Marines. He was capable to organize them to act as a Spartan fireteam, achieving despite almost impossible odds.

On Requiem, during the initial engagements between UNSC and Promethean forces, John assumed tactical command of Infinity 's ground forces including Spartan-IVs, despite being outranked by many of them.

Blue Team also willingly followed John when he chose to go AWOL. After the end of Human-Covenant War, John became an icon as a soldier who had played a pivotal role in ending the decades-long war and in doing seemingly gave his life.

He was lauded as representing the ideal of a human soldier by UNSC propaganda, a view embraced by many among the general population.

Considering John his personal hero, journalist Benjamin Giraud attempted to find out about his background and personal history. Chief's determination and selflessness made Thomas Lasky , then a young, doubtful cadet, dedicate his life to military service, eventually reaching the position of commanding officer of the most advanced human ship.

With the development of SPARTAN-IV program many soldiers enlisted with Spartans to be like the legendary "Master Chief".

Such as Gabriel Thorne , who enlisted believing the Spartans were special, and that had he been one, he could have saved his family in New Phoenix.

Years later, when the UNSC discovered that the Chief actually survived and managed to prevent the Didact from enslaving the entire human race, they decided to cover it up as a Covenant remnant attack which was successfully fended off via perfectly timed return of the UNSC's greatest hero, thus again underlining the Spartan's supposed invulnerability.

Because of his reputation and experience, John's de facto authority far surpasses his nominal rank, and UNSC personnel of all levels are known to defer to his experience and charisma.

In the eyes of the Covenant, John was branded as The Demon and was considered the main nemesis of the entire Covenant, with most of the Covenant fearful of his presence.

Thel 'Vadam stated that the personal title emblazoned on John was an insult, but also held a modicum of respect.

The Covenant respected him in terms of his strength and how he was able to defeat thousands of Covenant troops effortlessly, with even Thel 'Vadam at the time unable to stop him from destroying Installation Despite the Covenant's dissolution following the Prophet of Truth's death, John's nickname as a demon remains in use by many former members of the Covenant.

In , there was a ceremony for John at an unspecified location near the areas of fighting during the Battle for Earth.

However, his coffin is empty. In , when the documentary Believe was being filmed, it had been over fifty years since the end of the Great War.

John does not open easily to strangers, and has notably shown an aversion to taking his helmet off in the presence of others unless necessary.

Friendships are made for life, however—once given, his trust is forever. Like most Spartan-IIs, he thinks of Doctor Catherine Halsey as a nearly mother-like figure, and holds a deep personal respect for his trainer and mentor SCPO Franklin Mendez.

His fellow Spartan-IIs, Cortana, Dr. Halsey, and SCPO Mendez, being the only family he really ever had, assume a larger-than-life importance for John John formed close friendships with the other Spartans he grew up with since his childhood, most notably Samuel and Kelly , his first friends within the group.

While still feeling the loss of comrades deeply, he has grown more accustomed to combat than most soldiers. Nevertheless, he was deeply affected by the deaths of each of the Spartans, particularly Sam.

He was also saddened by Linda's apparent death aboard Gamma Station and was greatly relieved after Dr. Halsey successfully resuscitated her.

However, having accepted the responsibility of command for the Spartan-IIs, he has come to maintain a certain professional distance to his comrades and mostly keeps his feelings to himself to maintain his authority.

John has pale blue eyes and reddish-brown hair. The catalytic thyroid implant he received at that age boosted the growth of his skeleton and muscles via a growth hormone , and a series of intramuscular injections with a specific complex of proteins boosted the density of his musculature.

John has earned additional scars in battle which cover his body, including one that runs across his cheek beneath his left eye.

As a Spartan-II trainee, one of the first suits of armor John was introduced to was a type of form-fitting, lightweight polymer black body suit.

The integrated helmet had encryption and communications gear, a heads-up display , and thermal and motion detectors. One of the bullets managed to penetrate the suit.

Throughout his career, John has shown a preference for the standard-issue set of the given Mjolnir armor generation used at the time.

His Mjolnir armor is invariably colored olive green with a gold visor, which has made his appearance iconic among humans and Covenant alike. At some point during his four-year cryosleep aboard the Forward Unto Dawn , Cortana used nanomachines to repair and physically alter John's MJOLNIR Mark VI armor.

Immediately after the Mission to Installation 03 , John received an upgrade for his Mark VI armor from ONI 's Watershed Division , bringing it into the GEN2 line of Mjolnir PAA.

His armor also now lacks the prominent gash on the chestplate and his helmet is intact again after the Didact severely damaged it during Blue Team's battle against him on Installation John's old Mark IV helmet is used as the "last thing" that SPARTAN-IV candidates see before beginning their evaluation and preliminary augmentation cycle.

John has demonstrated easy familiarity with various weapons, though unless a mission specifically requires something, has shown a preference for the MA5 series of assault rifles as his mainstay.

On July 21, Bungie Software and Steve Jobs announced the video game Halo at Macworld. John was originally named by Eric Trautmann as a reference to the biblical verse Revelation , which reads as follows according to the New Revised Standard Version of the text: "When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead.

But he placed his right hand on me, saying, 'Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last'. According to Trautmann, this identifier was a the origin of one of many "huge fights" between himself and Bungie concerning ideas which came out of the writing sessions of the Halo Story Bible , a work originally constructed by he, Brannon Boren , and Matt Soell.

Le Major in almost every media since Halo 2. Le Master Chief on the covers of Halo 3 , Halo Legends , Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo: The Master Chief Collection , in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn , and in the Halo novels published by Milady.

John center and the rest of Blue Team in the funeral to the Spartans who "washed out" of the augmentation process. He later entered a Forerunner structure in hopes of disabling a certain restraining piece of technology, but was instead lured into what appeared to be a shaft of blue light after Cortana went missing.

In order to combat the Didact effectively, the Librarian advanced his evolutionary process to render him immune to the Composing process, soon releasing him to fend off the Didact.

John destroyed the gravity well and returned to the Infinity, where he tried to convince Captain Del Rio of the threat the Didact posed. Del Rio refused to believe it, which angered Cortana, having another fit of rampancy surprising the crew.

Del Rio ordered Cortana to be decommissioned because of her outburst, only to have John take her chip away before anyone else could.

Del Rio ordered for the chip to be returned only to be turned down by John, angered even further Del Rio ordered for John to be arrested at the hands of Palmer.

John gave a final warning of the Didact, and left the bridge. John left the Infinity and went to disable two towers that were generating a shield around the Didact, later attempting to use a control tower to trap the Didact inside Requiem.

When that failed due to Cortana's worsening condition, John decided to hitch a ride on one of his escort Liches.

Leaping from a tower, the Spartan skydived down to one. The Didact's Cryptum fused with a Forerunner ship, Mantle's Approach , in the planet and he, along with a few dozen escort Liches , went through a slipspace portal leading to Installation After traveling through the slipspace portal safely by hiding under a piece of a Covenant Lich, John arrived with the Didact and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces at Installation There the UNSC research facility fell under attack by the forces from Requiem.

John managed to enter the Lich,incapacitate the Covenant crew and take over the bridge, sending a broadcast to the station and warning them of the impending attack, telling them to start an immediate evacuation.

In the middle of the message Cortana's rampancy stopped John's broadcast with another outburst. She ignored his command to stop the Lich from a crash course with the station and continued to ramble, causing the captured vehicle to crash into the station.

After waking up in the remains of the crash, John regained communications with the station's head scientist, Dr.

He recommended for her to evacuate the station. Replying that the Covenant had taken over the landing bays, John then told her to at least prepare for evacuation while he secured one.

He fought his way through the station, defeating multiple Jul 'Mdama's Covenant squads until he eventually had cleared an evacuation point.

From there he made his way to Dr. Tillson to explain the situation of the Didact's yearning for the Composer on the station. As the Composer was too large to move with anything less powerful than the biggest star ship in the UNSC, The Spartan asked for Dr.

Tillson to give Cortana access to the station's supply manifest in order to search for a means of destroying the Composer.

Cortana managed to find a nuclear warhead on the station, and the Master Chief decided that it was the only way the Didact could possibly be stopped from taking the Composer.

Telling Tillson this caused her great distress, as she had dedicated herself to researching the Composer for a very long time.

However, she still gave the Spartan her word that she would make sure the warheads were primed for a remote detonation. Apologizing, John once again asked for Tillson to begin the evacuation.

When Tillson began this evacuation, the first evacuation shuttle was shot down by the Covenant. Cortana realized that she and John would be able to program the station's defenses to provide cover for the evacuation.

Fighting his way to the defense console, Cortana's rampant outbursts continued to worsen. While Tillson's team rigged the warhead, Cortana programmed the defenses, succeeding to make them target the Covenant.

The Spartan then went to rendezvous with Dr. Tillson, but was hindered by the Composer's location being compromised.

Fending enemies off once more, the Chief told Dr. Tillson that, ready or not, he needed the weapon then. On his next broadcast to her, he received no response, and so headed back to the elevator platform to get to a cargo bay, hopefully to find the nuke and Dr.

An immense energy wave hit the elevator in mid-transport, stopping it. Mantle's Approach then pulled the Composer away from Ivanoff Station with ease.

John tried to focus Cortana on finding Dr Tillson. Cortana researched Tillson's career files, stating her full name Sandra K.

Tillson , and that she was a student at Pegasi Institute where she obtained a doctorate in Archaeology. Cortana soon found her on another deck in the station and confirmed her bio signature was stable.

The elevator continued on its course and John exited it to find Tillson and a large crowd of distressed scientists.

Telling her that the Didact stole the Composer, he inserted Cortana into the system and asked to check the flight catalog for anything that can carry a payload.

Tillson in confusion asks the Chief how the Didact moved the Composer, then, trembling, told him "Wait He asked Cortana to activate the station's defenses, but they did not respond.

Cortana continued to search through the catalog but found nothing. Unable to help, Cortana watched as the Composer composed every member of the science team at once, only knocking John unconscious because of his immunity to the weapon.

An unspecified amount of time passed before John awakened and saw Cortana, distraught, sitting at the console. She asked him if he was okay and, crying, said she could hear what was left of the scientists after monitoring the data pulse.

The Spartan clearly attempted to avoid emotional conversation, and stoically stated that they needed to move. Cortana sadly said that the scientists were gone, to which John dutifully added that more would follow if the Didact reached Earth.

Cortana returned to dwell on her ensuing rampancy and how the UNSC would pair John with another AI, possibly another Cortana model if Halsey let them.

He told her that he wouldn't let that happen. She ignored his stubborn optimism and desperately informed him that the new AI wouldn't be her.

Beginning to power up a Broadsword in the hangar, the AI let the Master Chief know that whatever the Librarian did to John worked.

John made his way to the hangar, entering the pilot seat of the Broadsword, which was being armed with the warhead.

He then set off from Ivanoff Station in pursuit of the Didact. Cortana stated a plan of boarding the ship and finding the bridge when the Didact began to prepare for another slipspace jump.

She warned him that the Broadsword's shields were not rated for slipspace, but John replied that the Didact's were, before boosting forward to take refuge inside his enemy's shielding.

The Spartan then started to fly along the outer hull of the Didact's ship, toward the Composer, dodging pieces of the ship as they moved and activated defenses attempting to destroy him.

During this time, the Didact broadcasted a signal, expressing his surprise and dismay at how John wasn't composed and that such inoculation should not have been possible.

Cortana explained that the Didact was with the Composer and that they could destroy both of them at once. John continued to fly through the outer hull of the ship until Cortana told him that they were coming out of slipspace.

Communications from Earth warned them of the fleet's detection of the unknown ship. Master Chief then attempted to contact Captain Del Rio on the Infinity.

Thomas Lasky, however, picked up John's transmission. John questioned him as to where the captain was, with Lasky replying that FLEETCOM wasn't happy with Del Rio abandoning the Chief on Requiem, and that he himself would have to do instead.

John explained the Didact's intentions and that he and Cortana were in a Broadsword carrying a HAVOC grade payload, with the intention of destroying the Composer.

Lasky had the orbiting fleet engage the Didact and the Composer. The Spartan managed to fight through the remainder of the outer hull and located the Composer and the Didact.

Attempting to gain access to the Composer, Master Chief was cut off from an opening to it. John informed Lasky of this, to which he recommended deactivating the shields so Infinity could make another opening.

John proceeded to destroy the shield and weapon generators. John entered the ship, and, in an attempt to stop him, the Didact caused the pathway to close down on the Broadsword.

John expertly maneuvered his fighter through the compressing pathway until it shrank to a narrow strip of white light, making the Broadsword crash.

He stepped away from the destroyed hull of his Broadsword, somehow seemingly unscathed, Cortana queried John as to what his next move was. He procured the nuclear warhead and magnetically locked it to his armor, designating it as "Plan B.

Eventually the duo reached the central control area of the Composer. The Chief then used a gravity lift to thrust himself across a void, reaching the lower floors of the control center.

John accessed a terminal to try to allow Cortana to deactivate the shield the Didact deployed to protect the Composer. Cortana told him to insert her into a few terminals around the Composer so that she may deactivate the shielding around it.

After fighting his way to the first generator Cortana revealed that she was going to do something that he was not going to like. Her holographic form tore into multiple copies as she ejected her rampant personality spikes into the system, in order to overwhelm and disable the shielding under the stress of the sheer amount of multiplying rampant copies.

Repeating this process, John moved to engage the Didact, who declared that he John had failed, firing the Composer onto Earth and Composing the population of New Phoenix.

John went to retrieve Cortana but the Didact disintegrated the terminal, launching a desperate John backwards. John proceeded through more waves of Prometheans Knights, whilst Cortana sent a message of text to his HUD to show that she had survived within the systems of the Mantle's Approach.

He began to hear multiple strange voices from the rampant personality spikes of Cortana proclaiming their intent always to take care of him.

Locating a gravity lift, the Spartan was elevated to a light bridge directly connected to the Composer. He caught sight of the Didact within the orange aura above the Composer, but his enemy quickly vanished, sensing his presence.

Vocally challenging John, the Forerunner claimed that the man had persisted too long offering him the opportunity to have his "resolution.

Regaining his footing, John became torn between his options of charging the Didact or retrieving the warhead. He ran for the warhead but was stopped by the Didact who lifted and held him over the slipspace portal that was powering the Composer, claiming John was misguided and that humanity's imprisonment in the Composer would be a kindness.

The Didact began to close his fist, exerting a crushing force on John and causing him to groan in what would be extreme pain even for a Spartan-II.

Before he could drop John into the abyss, the Didact was surrounded by Cortana's rampant personality spikes who emerge from the light bridge. After a short confrontation with the Didact, Cortana attacked the Didact and bound him by the arms to the bridge by using her hardlight forms.

John was released and crashed chest-first onto the edge of the light bridge, barely able to grab onto the ledge, with the swirling orange abyss beneath him.

He climbed up the bridge and swiftly charged the Didact, plunging a Pulse Grenade into his armor. The Didact, however, broke free from Cortana's bonds and pushed him away, sending him sliding across the bridge.

Freeing his other arm, the Didact began to slowly lift John into the air, with the Spartan exerting sounds of desperation and pain, preparing for an almost imminent demise.

The grenade detonated, causing the Didact to lose focus, become seriously injured and drop John, stumbling off the bridge into the slipspace rupture below.

Out of time, John painfully crawled towards the warhead, frequently crashing onto the light bridge. He prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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Halo Master Chief
Halo Master Chief Inwhen the documentary Believe was being filmed, it had been over fifty years since the end of the Great War. Concept art of John undergoing Mark VI Zurück In Die Zukunft 2 Netflix diagnostics for a potential Halo 3 manual cover. In reality, he became the Rezepa Zabel of the human race itself not once, Fighting Stream twice.


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