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Degrassi The Next Generation

Finde hier alle Details zur 14 Staffeln und Folgen von Degrassi: The Next Generation sowie News und Videos. Zusammenfassung: Die Teenager der. Degrassi: The next Generation ist die vierte und aktuelle Serie des Degrassi-​Franchise. Die Serie. Degrassi (bis zur zehnten Staffel Degrassi: The Next Generation) ist eine kanadische Jugendserie, die mit Beginn der zehnten Staffel zu einer Telenovela​.

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Finde hier alle Details zur 14 Staffeln und Folgen von Degrassi: The Next Generation sowie News und Videos. Zusammenfassung: Die Teenager der. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Degrassi: The Next Generation überprüfen. Degrassi (bis zur zehnten Staffel Degrassi: The Next Generation) ist eine kanadische. - Kaufen Sie Degrassi: The Next Generation günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details.

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Top 10 Worst Couples in Degrassi: The Next Generation

Trivia Kevin Smith had a childhood crush on Caitlin Ryan Stacie Mistysyn , so he wanted to relate most with Caitlin in his guest episodes for Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh.

Goofs In "Goin' Down the Road, Part 2" the reflection of the cameraman can be seen in the vanity mirror as Spike and Caitlin hug, and again in the glass door, during Kevin Smith's hurried flight from Caitlin.

Quotes Alex : We'll ask the crowd at the assembly tomorrow The freak By the way, I'm the freak. User Reviews After a 10 year absence, it's nice to see Degrassi again 12 March by j.

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Hello New York City! In The Rest of my Life, Degrassi grads and friends dive into the summer that will change their lives forever.

And what's summer without a little romance - or Humiliated and furious, Rick returns to Degrassi with a handgun in his backpack and prepares to take revenge on the students of Degrassi for laughing at him.

Jimmy sympathizes with Rick and promises On this IMDbrief - presented by Acura - we explain how an online premiere resulted in a multi-million dollar payday and the Sundance must-see movies to add to your Watchlist.

Watch the video. Title: Degrassi: The Next Generation — The next generation of the students at Degrassi are here. Degrassi: The Next Generation takes place 14 years after the cult hit show "Degrassi Junior High" as students continue to deal with the obstacles of being a teenager.

From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death. Degrassi: The Next Generation plunges into the world of what this generation is really going through.

After Degrassi High went off the air in , I thought it would be the end of a great Canadian series forever. But in October I was so happy to see Degrassi The Next Generation.

Of course I have compared it too the original show and I like it even though the new series does not take place in a real school as the original series did.

It's nice to see some of the original cast members like Mr. Raditch and Snake with less hair this time around! All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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First appearing as a great dancer, Marco becomes the love interest of Ellie until he reveals to her that he is homosexual.

They form a fake relationship to mask his homosexuality. After coming out to his friends, he becomes alienated by Spinner, who cannot get over the discomfort of having a gay best friend, but he eventually accepts it and remains Marco's friend.

Marco becomes a victim of a hate crime after being gay bashed by a group of men while en route to a hockey game. He develops a crush on Paige's brother, Dylan, and they eventually start dating.

He comes out to his mother, but doesn't come out to his father until a year later. He graduates Degrassi with the class of He attends Toronto University and rooms with Ellie, Paige, and Griffin.

He is faced with the idea of male prostitution by a friend, but he turns away. In Degrassi Goes Hollywood , Paige invites Ellie and him to visit her in Los Angeles after she scores an acting career.

After getting into a fight with Paige for becoming a diva, she smacks him. In Degrassi: Next Class it is discovered they rekindled their friendship.

After discovering that Ellie's father is back from Afghanistan and suffering from PTSD , he finally convinces her to visit him. He briefly returns to Degrassi as a student-teacher and struggles with the decision to give Holly J.

Marco has appeared in 81 episodes. Marco reappeared in an episode of Degrassi: Next Class ' second season during an alumni event at Degrassi.

Marisol is a cheerleader and a waitress at Little Miss Steaks. She later becomes Vice President of Student Council. Marisol befriends K.

She goes back to focusing on her long-time crush on Drew, who ends up with her best friend, Katie.

She starts dating Mo after a model UN event. She gets upset with Mo when she thinks he is hiding a drug problem, but finds out that Mo has diabetes.

She is last seen graduating from Degrassi with her friends. Marisol has appeared in 59 episodes including voice only appearances.

Maya is Katie's younger sister. Maya loves music, and wants to start her own band; she is a music virtuoso. She is ridiculed by the hockey team for having a flat chest and tries to use false breasts to make herself more attractive and mature.

She experiences first love with Cam and begins her first relationship with him. When she feels that Cam is no longer interested in her, she enters a beauty contest, but still does not get the reaction she wants from Cam.

Maya soon break up with him and kisses Zig, who is dating Tori, but runs back to Cam trying to forget the kiss and calling it a mistake.

Shortly after this, Cam commits suicide in the school greenhouse, putting the whole school in mourning.

Unable to properly cope with Cam's death, Maya goes through a rebellious phase. She attends a senior party, drinks, posts a provocative video, and nearly has sex with an older man.

However, she soon breaks down and admits the pain she's in and starts to make an emotional recovery. After getting together with Miles, the two soon break up after many difficulties.

After getting Mr. Yates fired, she and Tristan have a falling out and their friendship is strained. In season 14, she begins dating Zig and rekindles her friendship with Tristan.

Maya has appeared in episodes. Mia Jones. Mia has a child, with Lucas Valieri, who she gave birth to when she was 13 years old. She is a teenage mother who transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst.

Her daughter is Isabella "Izzy" Jones. She dates J. Yorke until he is stabbed to death by a Lakehurst student. She rekindles her relationship with Lucas, but they ultimately break up when he refuses to accept being a parent.

After posing with quarterback Danny at a pep rally, she is offered a modeling career. She starts dating Danny and becomes friends with Leia until they discover that Mia has been performing sexual acts to further her modeling career.

She starts a relationship with Peter. She drops out of school and continues her modeling career because of the stress of maintaining both, but she decides to finish school and cut down on modeling instead.

She accepts a modeling contract in Europe and has to move. Peter intends on moving with her until he gets involved with crystal meth , resulting in their break up, although she confronts him via live video chat and tells him she worries about him.

Mia has appeared in 35 episodes. An athlete transferred from a prep-school, [11] Miles gets the attraction of Tristan and Zoe while summering in Paris.

He is best friends with Chewy. His father verbally abuses him. He begins a relationship with Zoe, but breaks up with her when he sees how mean she can be.

As the new school year begins, Miles becomes closer to Maya and Tristan, eventually forming a relationship with Maya.

They break up when his jealousy of Maya and Zig's friendship scares Maya. He starts dating Tristan in season His father abuses him more and Miles hides the truth from Tristan, skipping school often to smoke weed.

Tristan, Frankie, Hunter, and Winston stage an intervention; Miles angrily says to Tristan, "I treat you like absolute garbage and you keep crawling back for more, are you really that desperate for someone to love you?

He gets in his car and is about to drive away but accidentally hits Maya. He then drives her to her therapist's appointment and when they are driving back, he is high and hits an open car door, causing it to fall off.

Miles convinces Maya to lie about the accident so his father won't find out, but she eventually tells the truth to the police. Tristan breaks up with Miles because he feels like Miles is using him.

In the mid-season finale, he accidentally sets the hallway on fire. He then has to work in the cafeteria as part of community service. Miles has appeared in 53 episodes.

Mo enjoys making music and is on the football team. Despite his knowledge on girls, he fails at impressing them. He assists Sav on his crush-turned-relationship with Ms.

He picks on Marisol; he even puts gum in her hair, but he soon starts dating her. When Marisol finds syringes in his bag, she accuses him of taking street drugs, but Mo actually has diabetes.

He graduates from Degrassi, but not before singing a song in front of the entire school to Marisol as an apology for his behavior at prom.

Uncredited appearance by the actor in Season 9. Mo has appeared in 37 episodes. Mo reappeared in an episode of Degrassi: Next Class ' second season during an alumni event at Degrassi.

Owen is a bully and jock at Degrassi. Despite his homophobic attitude, he is caring to his gay younger brother, Tristan.

He then starts having feelings for Anya, and despite her originally feeling uncomfortable, she begins a relationship with him after a one-night stand.

He then slowly grows into a more thoughtful person, helping Tristan survive high school. Owen has appeared in 40 episodes.

Paige Michalchuk. Paige is a popular student at Degrassi who often says mean things to other students. She is raped by Dean at a party.

She loses her trial against him due to lack of evidence. As an act of revenge, she crashes Spinner's car into Dean's and loses her license.

She developed a relationship with Spinner until he cheats. She begins a rocky lesbian relationship with Alex. Although she is high on marijuana during an interview with a representative from Banting University, she is accepted.

After repeated panic attacks and her failing grades, she drops out of Banting. She rooms with Ellie, Marco, and Griffin afterwards.

She starts a low-level job at a fashion designer company. After sleeping with Griffin, she discovers that he has treatments for HIV. He tells her that he was born HIV positive.

Although they used a condom, she is asked to wait 6 months to hear if she is tested positive or not. In Degrassi Goes Hollywood , she is working for a snobby reality television star in Los Angeles.

After scoring the main role in Jason Mewes' directing debut film 'Mewesical High,' she invites Marco and Ellie to visit her. After fame starts to go to her head, she becomes a diva.

Marco confronts her about her attitude and she smacks him. She loses the role because of her behavior and becomes Jason Mewes' assistant during the movie.

She is last seen trying to call Marco, who doesn't answer. In Degrassi: Next Class , it is discovered they rekindled their friendship.

Paige has appeared in episodes. Paige reappeared in an episode of Degrassi: Next Class ' second season during an alumni event at Degrassi.

Peter Stone. Peter is Mrs. Hatzilakos' son. He attends Degrassi after years of homeschooling. He takes advantage of Manny after she becomes drunk and films her baring her breasts.

He eventually uses the footage to get revenge by emailing it to the entire school. He secretly dates Emma after the situation, but she breaks up with him after he stores drugs in Sean's locker.

He forms the band, The Stüdz, with Sav and Danny to keep himself occupied after school. After discovering that his mother is moving to Regina, he emancipates himself from his parents and lives on his own to stay with Darcy.

When Darcy moves to Kenya, he develops a relationship with Mia. Mia reveals that she is moving to Paris after signing a modeling contract in Europe.

He intends to move with her until he becomes addicted to crystal meth after being humiliated at Declan and Fiona's party, resulting in their ultimate break up and his separation from The Stüdz.

He forms a club called 'Above The Dot' that features live band performances for kids who cannot get into bars in order to raise money for college.

He rejoins the band Janie and the Studz, but the band breaks up during Degrassi Takes Manhattan. He becomes a server at the Dot while he attends college.

Peter is revealed to be working at a major recording studio in the second season of Degrassi: Next Class.

He offers Maya an internship. Peter has appeared in 70 episodes. Peter reappeared in 4 episodes during the second season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Riley struggles to accept his homosexuality. He starts taking steroids in attempt to make himself attracted to girls, but he eventually quits.

He starts dating Fiona, but she eventually realizes he's struggling with his identity so she breaks up with him. Riley is attracted to a lifeguard who is also gay.

Still struggling with his anger, he punches the lifeguard and is forced to take anger management classes. Riley seemingly becomes comfortable with being gay when he develops feeling for Zane.

However, Riley is still uncomfortable with the student body knowing his sexuality. Drew overhears a conversation and blackmails Riley into giving him the quarterback position.

Riley tries to teach the football team to be more sensitive. He struggles with becoming the first openly gay football player, but finally accepts it and kisses Zane in the hallway soon after.

His mother walks in on Zane and Riley kissing, but she refuses to accept it and is in denial even after he tells her that he is gay.

He breaks up with Zane after deciding that he would rather have a "normal" relationship with his parents.

Despite the break up, his mother finally accepts him and he graduates from Degrassi. He seems to have rekindled things with Zane at prom.

Riley has appeared in 35 episodes. Sav is Alli's older brother. He has an on-and-off relationship with Anya, despite his Muslim upbringing.

He forms a band, The Stüdz, with Peter, Danny, and Spinner. Anya convinces him to have sex in the limo at the spring formal after his arranged wife visits.

He breaks up with her after she reveals to him that she lied about taking birth control. After Janie and the Studs break up, he decides to compete against Holly J.

When he wins four backstage concert passes and his father refuses to let him go, he steals his father's truck; the police catch him on the way back.

He has a brief relationship with Holly J. Hoping to get over Holly J. He then starts finding himself falling for Ms.

They have a brief relationship before he graduates. Sav has appeared in 91 episodes. Sav reappeared in 2 episodes during the second season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Sean has a violent past and is sent to Toronto by his parents to keep him out of trouble. He develops an on-and-off relationship with Emma.

During his violent streak at Degrassi, he becomes friends with Jay and Alex. He starts dating Ellie after spending time together in Saturday detention.

He emancipates himself after his brother moves to Alberta. Ellie moves in with him after her mother catches their apartment on fire because of her alcoholism.

He saves Emma's life after he tries to wrestle a gun out of Rick's hand, causing the gun to go off and shoot Rick, killing him.

He visits his parents in Wasaga Beach while dealing with his feelings about the school shooting. He decides to stay after his parents explain to him why they sent him to Toronto.

He returns to Degrassi a year and a half later, but is put in jail after a drag racing accident. He rekindles his relationship with Emma and decides to move in with her.

He later decides to join the army to make a better life for himself. He visits Emma after training and reveals he is being sent to Afghanistan for war.

Sean has appeared in 63 episodes. Shay is a freshman who loves playing sports and is determined to be the best athlete. She aims high in school and her standards also extend to boys.

Her closest friends are Lola and Frankie. There is only one guy she has eyes for, but Shay may have a rude awakening when she realizes she can't always get what she wants.

She is a member of the Power Squad. Shay has appeared in 18 episodes. Gavin "Spinner" Mason. Gavin is nicknamed "Spinner" because of his ADHD.

Gavin is known as the school bully in his early years. He is a skilled drummer. He alienates Marco after discovering his homosexuality , but eventually accepts Marco's sexuality.

He is in a relationship with Paige until she finds out that he was seeing Manny behind her back. He dates Manny until it is revealed that he is the cause of Jimmy's paraplegia.

He is expelled from Degrassi after he confesses to the principal that he bullied Rick before the school shooting.

He returns to Degrassi the next year and starts dating Darcy, who helps him become a born-again Christian. He later breaks up with her because of her hypocritical behavior.

He is diagnosed with testicular cancer and goes through a period of reckless behavior because of his fear of not being seen as a man.

He rebuilds his spirit after he starts dating Jane. He is shot during a burglary at The Dot, but he soon recovers.

He overhears Jane and Holly J. After Emma accidentally catches The Dot on fire, causing him to fall into a deeper depression, she takes him to a casino.

After winning big, they get drunk and get married. After several attempts to get a divorce, they realize they love each other and have a celebration to recommit their vows.

In season 14, Spinner is seen interviewing Eli, who applied for a job at The Dot, since his first year at NYU ended.

In season 2 of Degrassi: Next Class , Spinner and Emma are revealed to still be together and that they are buying a house together. Spinner has appeared in episodes.

Spinner reappeared in 2 episodes during the 2nd season of Degrassi: Next Class. Terri is the daughter of a widowed father. She is best friends with Ashley.

She is insecure about her overweight appearance, but her career as a plus-size model improves her self-image. She starts dating Rick Murray who becomes abusive and eventually pushes her down, causing her head to hit a cinder block.

She goes into a coma and eventually recovers, but she is transferred to a private school in Toronto. Terri has appeared in 34 episodes.

Tiny is a sophomore at Degrassi. He is friends with most of the Rubber Room kids. He has previously been in a gang, and helps Zig when he is on his own.

Zig convinces Tiny to quit the gang too, and he eventually agrees. Tiny has appeared in 22 episodes. Toby is the step-brother of Ashley and J.

He is Jewish , and it is revealed that his grandparents died in The Holocaust. He is an intelligent student and known as a geek because of his interest in computers and anime.

He suffers from bulimia when he joins the wrestling team. He dates Kendra Mason, the younger sister of Spinner, but they break up during the summer before his sophomore year.

He is deeply affected by J. He graduates from Degrassi and becomes a host of robot war competitions. Toby has appeared in 88 episodes.

Despite her spoiled background, Tori has a positive attitude. She is best friends with Tristan and Maya. She has an on-and-off relationship with Zig.

She has participated in beauty pageants since she was little. She also helps Maya in a pageant. Her family moves away prior to her sophomore year. Tori has appeared in 36 episodes.

Steele formerly portrayed Angie Jeremiah, Craig's half-sister and Joey's daughter, during the first five seasons. Like Tori, Angie moved away with her family.

Alex's elder sister, Cassie Steele , portrayed Manuela "Manny" Santos. Tristan is the openly gay younger brother of Owen.

He is insecure about his appearance and his sexuality. He receives the lead role in Eli's reimagining of Romeo and Juliet as "Jules". To impress a guy, Tristan tries to get in shape with a cleanse , and starves himself.

He suffers a heart attack as a result. He goes to Paris with Maya and they begin a fake relationship to hide his sexuality. During his sophomore year, he develops a crush on the new English teacher, Mr.

He reciprocates those feelings and they have sex in Yates' apartment. Maya reveals the affair to Mr. Simpson and Mr. Yates is suspended, causing him to hate Maya.

He begins dating Miles at the end of season He breaks up with Miles near the end of season 14 because he can't handle all the drama and is tired of Miles skipping class to smoke weed.

He later goes on a date with a guy he met online and he becomes friends with Maya again. Tristan has appeared in 86 episodes.

Wesley is considered a nerd at Degrassi. He is best friends with Connor and Dave; he even starts a band, The Three Tenners, with them.

He develops a crush on Anya and even takes supplements to attempt to impress her. Dave tazes him after he tells his new "friends" that Dave's dad is a cop as payback for being ditched.

He tries to break a world record, but fails and breaks his hand. He develops a relationship with a girl named Hannah. Wesley has appeared in 37 episodes.

Winston is a sarcastic boy and Miles' best friend who is enrolled at Degrassi. He is a reporter for Degrassi News.

He slanders Drew's reputation because he feels that Drew's presidential authority is not being used in the way the student body wants.

He harbors a crush on Frankie, who he begins secretly dating. This causes a strain on his friendship with Miles, but Miles eventually accepts it.

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Secret 1. He forms a club called 'Above The Dot' that features live band performances for kids who cannot get into bars in order to raise Star Wars Aufstieg for college. Available on Amazon. Her family moves away prior to her sophomore year. Grace is a goth and computer chick who hangs out in the "Rubber Room" hallway of Degrassi, and is an assumed friend of Miles. 85 rows · Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian teen drama television series created . Degrassi: The Next Generation - Wikipedia. 14/10/ · Degrassi: The Next Generation takes place 14 years after the cult hit show "Degrassi Junior High" as students continue to deal with the obstacles of being a teenager. From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death/10(K). Im Mittelpunkt der Teenager-Soap stehen mehrere Schüler der Degrassi Community School, die mit den üblichen Problemen des Erwachsenwerdens zu kämpfen haben. Degrassi (bis zur zehnten Staffel Degrassi: The Next Generation) ist eine kanadische Jugendserie, die mit Beginn der zehnten Staffel zu einer Telenovela​. Sie ist die direkte Fortsetzung zu Degrassi: The Next Generation. Die Serie wurde in den Epitome-Studios in Toronto, Ontario gedreht. Die Erstausstrahlung fand. - Kaufen Sie Degrassi: The Next Generation günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. In Januarya sequel Harry Potter Lestrange, titled Degrassi: Next Classwas announced for broadcast on Family Channel in Canada and Netflix internationally excluding Australia, France, and Canada until He begins a false relationship with Manny to help her get back at her parents, but it develops into a real relationship. The show's cancellation was announced in June Like Tori, Angie moved away with her family. Later, High School. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. Gavin 'Spinner' Mason episodes, Miriam McDonald However, Riley is still uncomfortable Die Blüte Des Einklangs the student body knowing his sexuality. Zane is an openly gay Coin Master Cheats Deutsch at Degrassi. Kitchener-Waterloo Record. After winning big, they get drunk and get married. Canadian Press. Reiya Downs.
Degrassi The Next Generation Degrassi: The Next Generation, a dramatic sequel from the producer of the award-winning Degrassi series of the s-- Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a pull-no-punches dramatic take on the real-life issues of high school life. With equal measures of humour, angst and heart, the students of Degrassi grapple with a series of “firsts” as they begin their journey into adulthood. Degrassi The Next Generation - Season 01Episode Mother & Child Reunion (Part 1)After months of flirting via e-mail, thirteen year-old Emma's new love int. It’s been a decade since the gang at Degrassi High graduated, so naturally it’s time for a reunion. That’s the premise and launching point for Degrassi: The. Degrassi: The Next Generation (also known as Degrassi for seasons 10 through 14) is a Canadian teen drama television series set in the Degrassi universe, which was created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in It is the fourth installment in the Degrassi franchise, following The Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High. Chasing Pavements 1. Rumours Serie Baby Reputations. Modern Love.


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