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Di Medici Serie

Die zweite Staffel der Serie ist schon offiziell bestätigt - wann und wo läuft sie in Deutschland?. Die Medici (): Cosimo de Medici (Richard Madden), der Sohn einfacher Händler Die neuen Serien – Von Sci-Fi bis Comic, von Network bis Spin-​Off. Der Krieg gegen Papst Sixtus IV. bringt die Stadt Florenz in immer größere Schwierigkeiten. Cosimos Enkel, Lorenzo de' Medici (Daniel Sharman), ist getrieben.

Die Medici - Herrscher von Florenz

Die Medici, in Staffel 1 mit Herrscher von Florenz untertitelt, in Staffel 2 und 3 mit Lorenzo der Prächtige (Originaltitel: I Medici und Medici: Masters of Florence) ist eine italienisch-britische Fernsehserie, Piero di Cosimo de' Medici · Alessandro Sperduti (Staffel 1) Julian Sands (Staffel 2), Konrad Bösherz (Staffel 1​). Florenz, Cosimo de Medici (Richard Madden) findet sich plötzlich in der Rolle Das Oberhaupt der Kaufmanns- und Bankiersfamilie de' Medici, Piero di Cosimo Aber zur Serie: Die Qualität aus Staffel 1 wird weiterhin hoch gehalten. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, maxdome verfügbar. Florenz, Cosimo de Medici (Richard Madden) findet sich plötzlich in der.

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Di Medici Serie Ihre stärkste Rolle hat sie aber definitiv aktuell in der Picco Film Stream "The Handmaid's Tale" als Magd Emily. Auf Abruf. David Sturzaker.
Di Medici Serie Die Händlerfamilie Medici aus Florenz steigt im ausgehenden Mittelalter zu einer der reichsten und mächtigsten Institutionen in Italien auf. Sie führt Florenz zu wirtschaftlicher und kultureller Blüte, macht sich jedoch auch zahlreiche Feinde. Die Medici, in Staffel 1 mit Herrscher von Florenz untertitelt, in Staffel 2 und 3 mit Lorenzo der Prächtige (Originaltitel: I Medici und Medici: Masters of Florence) ist eine italienisch-britische Fernsehserie, Piero di Cosimo de' Medici · Alessandro Sperduti (Staffel 1) Julian Sands (Staffel 2), Konrad Bösherz (Staffel 1​). Die Medici (): Cosimo de Medici (Richard Madden), der Sohn einfacher Händler Die neuen Serien – Von Sci-Fi bis Comic, von Network bis Spin-​Off. Florenz, Giovanni de Medici, der einflussreiche Patriarch der Familie, Leider scheint die Serie momentan noch wenig Beachtung zu finden. Einen Stern. Jacopo Foscari 1 episode, Godzilla Deutsch Tornaquinci. Bianca de' Medici 12 episodes, Callum Blake Jonathan ZophyA Short History of Renaissance and Reformation Europe, Dances over Fire and Water. Realizing his power nearly gone, Lorenzo plots something too vile, thus turning his son against him. However, a long lost family member reunites bringing some solace to the wounded Medici and making Lorenzo realize his true self. Medici is an Italian-British television drama series about the Medici dynasty set in 15th-century Florence, starring Dustin Hoffman as Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, Richard Madden as Cosimo de' Medici, and Stuart Martin as Lorenzo de' Medici (The Elder). Die Medici, in Staffel 1 mit Herrscher von Florenz untertitelt, in Staffel 2 und 3 mit Lorenzo der Prächtige ist eine italienisch-britische Fernsehserie, deren Produktion begann. Sie kam im Oktober in Italien ins Fernsehen. Im Stil von Die Tudors und Borgia wird versucht, im Stil eines opulenten Kostümfilms und mit einem großen Ensemble an internationalen Schauspielern, die Geschichte einer der bekanntesten Dynastien Italiens, der Medici, in Szene zu setzen. Im deutschsprachigen. The TV show “Medici: Masters of Florence” is produced by the Italian RAI. It tells the story of the pater familias of the Medici family, Cosimo de’ Medici (also known as the Elder), played by Richard Madden famous for the role of Robb Stark. A political, family drama set in Florence in the early 15th century. Cosimo de' Medici finds himself at the helm of his supremely wealthy, banking dynasty family, when his father, Giovanni dies suddenly. However Cosimo is concealing a dangerous secret - Giovanni was murdered.

Vittorio Omodei Zorini. Oktober Italien auf Rai Uno. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Stuart Martin. Guido Caprino. Alessandro Sperduti Staffel 1 Julian Sands Staffel 2.

Konrad Bösherz Staffel 1 Jacques Breuer Staffel 2. Ken Bones. Daniel Caltagirone. Nicole Hannak Staffel 1 Madeleine Stolze Staffel 2.

Wolfgang Müller. Eugenio Franceschini. Sarah Felberbaum. Michael Schermi. Tatjana Nardone. Fortunato Cerlino.

Frances Barber. Kardinal Baldassare Cossa. Ben Starr. Andreas Müller. Andrea Bruschi. Andrea Tidona. Fabrizio Matteini. Alessandro Piavani.

Anthony Howell. Giorgio Caputo. Valentina Carnelutti. Marco Quaglia. David Bradley. Martino Duane. Jacopo Rampini. Sebastian Christoph Jacob.

Lorenzo's alliance of friendship with Francesco Pazzi pays dividends, however this causes much conflict between Francesco and his uncle.

Milan acquires the city of Imola. The senior Pazzi sees this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the Pope and Lorenzo. The Sforza agree to sell Imola to Lorenzo, and Lorenzo wants first his brother and then Francesco as Florence's governor there.

However the senior Pazzi's plotting through his cousin Salviati leads to the threat to excommunicate Milan if he does not sell Imola to the Papal States.

Giuliano confesses his relationship with Simonetta was the reason for his refusal to accept the Imola post. The senior Pazzi seeks to use Francesco's wife as a wedge between Francesco and Lorenzo, and when Francesco investigates further the circumstances of Novella's arrival in the city, he sees her arrival as part of a Medici plot, and throws her out of his house.

Vespucci suspects his wife is having an affair. Giuliano is distraught at the end of his affair and travels to Citta di Castello to try to quell the riots against Castello's leader.

The Pope sees the situation there as a representation of all that is bad about the Medici's alliances, and seeks to bring order to the city. Both Pazzi and Lorenzo attempt to win broad support for their candidate to be the new Gonfaloniere of Florence.

The struggle to win votes turns violent - Luca Soderini is murdered after vacillating regarding his vote when pressured by the Pazzi.

Venice's envoy is upset after his daughter Novella is thrown-out of home by Francesco Pazzi, and this threatens Lorenzo's attempts to broker an alliance between Milan, Florence, and Venice to secure trade routes and interfere with the Pope's plans.

Clarice attempts to lobby for her husband's candidate by again approaching her husband's ex mistress. Vespucci discovers who his wife's affair is with, and despite her being very ill, imprisons her when she refuses to renounce her love for Giuliano.

Giuliano confronts Vespucci regarding his wife's absence, and is with her as she dies from her illness. He is disconsolate.

Luca's son Bastiano is installed on the council, and Lorenzo wins the vote. Support for the alliance has consequences when in Milan, Sforza is brutally murdered.

The new 9-year-old Duke of Milan and the regent, his mother, arrive to reaffirm Milan's alliance. Giuliano questions existence after his lover's death.

Salviati and the Pazzi determine that they must rid the world of the Medici, and mercenaries are hired to do the deed. Their plans are overheard in Rome and as a result, Lorenzo's uncle Carlo de' Medici is locked-up.

Pope Sixtus IV invites Lorenzo to Rome for peace talks however fearing for his safety he instead sends Clarice. Carlo is forced to pretend all is well when Clarice insists on meeting him.

The Pazzi realise both Medici brothers must be murdered at once, and their plans are forced to continually change due to them not being together.

Whilst stressing he could not countenance murder, the Pope agrees to sanction the removal of the Medici in Florence, and sends his year-old nephew Cardinal Riario as an envoy with a retinue of from the Papal army.

The Pazzi conspiracy plays out. Having failed to bring to fruition any of their other plans, at High Mass in the Duomo on Sunday 26 April before a crowd of 10,, Giuliano is stabbed 19 times by various mercenaries and Francesco Pazzi.

He bleeds to death whilst his brother Lorenzo is seriously wounded as panic grips the congregation whilst mercenaries continue their attacks.

Lorenzo, Clarice and his mother are kept safe, terrified, in the sacristy. Meanwhile, Salviati, holding the Gonfalionere hostage in the Palazzo della Signoria , talks to the crowds below indicating that the Pope has sanctioned the removal of the Medici.

In the piazza, Pazzi and his nephew tell the crowd that the tyranny of the Medici is over, however they are locked out of the Signoria.

With the coast clear, Lorenzo leaves the safety of the sacristy and mourns Giuliano. He walks the piazza and the crowd turns on the Pazzi, with many in the crowd highlighting the benefits to their trade of the Medici being in power.

The coup fails, and the senior Pazzi attempts to ride out of town to the safety of the Papal Army massing outside, but the gates are closed and he must seek sanctuary.

His nephew is hunted down. Lorenzo, now fully in control of the city, orders the destruction of everything to do with the Pazzi.

He wants the family, its possessions, its symbols, and its history expunged from the city. An orgy of violence and looting takes place, leading to despair by Botticelli.

Meanwhile, Bianca seeks assurances from her husband, a Pazzi, regarding his role and any knowledge of the conspiracy. Lorenzo's childhood memories of his friendship with Francesco, and words from his dying grandmother years ago, cloud his views of what to do with the conspirators.

Salviati and Francesco are hanged from the walls of the Palazzo. Jacopo Pazzi is found by Lorenzo and is also hanged. Clarice appeals for Lorenzo to denounce and end the violence.

Piero de' Medici 4 episodes, Alessandro Preziosi Brunelleschi 4 episodes, Daniele Pecci Ludovico il Moro 4 episodes, Giorgio Marchesi Giacomo Spinelli 4 episodes, Rose Williams Caterina Sforza Riario 4 episodes, Andrea Garofalo Pope Innocent VIII 3 episodes, David Bamber Pope Eugenius IV 3 episodes, John Lynch Pope Sixtus IV 3 episodes, Fortunato Cerlino Bredani 3 episodes, Frances Barber Piccarda 3 episodes, Sam Mackay Montesecco 3 episodes, Marco Foschi Alfonso 3 episodes, Maurizio Lombardi Andrea Foscari 3 episodes, Valentina Cervi Alessandra Albizzi 3 episodes, Francesco Di Raimondo Cardinal Riario 3 episodes, Brando Pacitto Antonio Meffei 3 episodes, Alberto Sette Corona 3 episodes, Niccolo Alaimo Young Francesco 3 episodes, Marco Pancrazi Young Giulio 3 episodes, Simona Caparrini Midwife Maria 3 episodes, Sean James Sutton Priore 1 3 episodes, Hughie Hamer Piero de Medici Young 3 episodes, Julian Sands Piero de' Medici 2 episodes, Roberto Mantovani Father Anselmo 2 episodes, Valentina Carnelutti Maria Tarugi 2 episodes, Marco Palvetti Guiscardi 2 episodes, Giorgio Caputo Malavolti 2 episodes, Marcello Paesano Captain 2 episodes, Anthony Howell Francesco Sforza 2 episodes, Ray Stevenson King Ferrante 2 episodes, Gerolamo Alchieri Maso degli Albizzi 2 episodes, Marco Zingaro Matteo 2 episodes, Marco Quaglia Tancredi 2 episodes, Arturo Scognamiglio Medici Guard 2 episodes, Liliana Fiorelli Ginevra Cavalcanti 2 episodes, Giusy Buscemi Rosa 2 episodes, Andrea Tidona Pope Martin V 2 episodes, Francesca Del Fa Novella Foscari 2 episodes, Alessandro Cremona Ferzetti 2 episodes, Giuseppe Gandini 2 episodes, Stephen Hagan Leonardo da Vinci 2 episodes, Andrea Bruschi Andreas di Cecco 2 episodes, Stefano Benassi Jailer 2 episodes, Andrei Claude Federico da Montefeltro 2 episodes, Matt Patresi Ippolita Sforza 2 episodes, Loris De Luna Cardinal Raffaele 2 episodes, Douglas Dean Pope Paul II 2 episodes, Mark Thompson-Ashworth The Prior of San Marco 2 episodes, Max Cruciani Choirboy 2 episodes, Michele Morrone Ship Captain 2 episodes, Marius Bizau Girolamo Riario 1 episode, Giampiero Judica 1 episode, Miriam Leone Bianca 1 episode, Justin Avoth Bishop Viteleschi 1 episode, Ben Starr Donatello 1 episode, Adrian McCourt Filippo Visconti 1 episode, Alessandro Parise Man 1 episode, Daniele La Leggia Enrico 1 episode, Riccardo Floris Visconti's Guard 1 episode, David Sturzaker Ezio Contarini 1 episode, Veronica Bitto Isabella Contarini 1 episode, Andy Luotto Sandro Tarugi 1 episode, Steven Waddington Cossa 1 episode, David Bradley Bardi 1 episode, Luigi Diberti Cavalcanti 1 episode, Jay Natelle Banker 1 episode, Chiara Baschetti Fioretta Gorini 1 episode, Martino Duane Cardinal Lampedusa 1 episode, Andrea Fachinetti Jacopo Foscari 1 episode, Clive Riche Albizzi's Guard 1 episode, Antonio Santoro Massimo Contarini 1 episode, Francesco Castiglione Ederly Nun 1 episode, Lorenzo Pedrotti Young Cardinal 1 episode, Lorenzo Profita Signoria's Clerk 1 episode, Andrea Bosca Sanuto 1 episode, Clio Evans First Follower 1 episode, Fabrizio Romagnoli Older Man 1 episode, Paudge Behan Cardinal Della Rovere 1 episode, Lorenzo Balducci Mario de' Medici 1 episode, Laurence Belgrave Second Follower 1 episode, Antonio Zavatteri Soriano 1 episode, Nicoletta Cefaly Tarugi's Servant 1 episode, Ivan Olivieri Hite Haired Man 1 episode, Matthew T.

Cardinal Bellini 1 episode, Claudio Botosso Priest 1 episode, Chiara Centioni Woman 1 episode, Francis Pardeilhan Tancredi's Son 1 episode, Fabrizio Matteini Cardinal Mosca 1 episode, Alessandro Piavani Bertolo 1 episode, Stefano Venturi De Girolamo 1 episode, Simone Spinazze Vaccari 1 episode, Luca Matteo Zizzari Carlo Medici's Spy 1 episode, Nico Delpiano Leo X Clement VII Leo XI.

Filippo Bernardo Antonio Giuliano Zanobi. Giovanni delle Bande Nere Don Giovanni Mattias. Genealogical tables of the House of Medici. Festina Lente.

Casino Mediceo di San Marco Palazzo Medici Riccardi Palazzo Madama Palazzo Pitti Villa Medici Palazzo Medici Tornaquinci Livorno Palazzo delle Vedove Pisa Materdei Palazzo Medici di Ottaviano.

Medici fountain Villa di Pratolino. Arezzo Grosseto Piombino Pistoia San Piero a Sieve Siena Volterra.

Cappelle medicee The Chapel of Medici di Gragnano. Bartolomeo Ammannati Sandro Botticelli Filippo Brunelleschi Michelangelo Michelangelo and the Medici Bernardo Buontalenti Leonardo da Vinci Donatello Michelozzo Antonio del Pollaiolo Jacopo della Quercia Giorgio Vasari.

Pico della Mirandola Marsilio Ficino. Galileo Galilei. Emilio de' Cavalieri Jacopo Peri. Medici coat of arms Crown of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Order of Saint Stephen.

Medici Bank. Medici lions Medici porcelain Medici Vase Venus de' Medici Arazzeria Medicea. Medici giraffe Galilean moons Stories set to music: "opera" Albizzi Pazzi conspiracy Savonarola TV series episodes.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Title card from the first season. Medici: Masters of Florence season 1 Medici: The Magnificent seasons 2—3.

Lux Vide Big Light Productions Rai Fiction. Contessina de' Bardi. Piero de' Medici. Lucrezia Tournabuoni. Alessandro Preziosi dub. Giovanni de' Medici.

Lorenzo de' Medici "The Magnificent" [a]. Alessandra Mastronardi. Francesco de' Pazzi [b]. Aurora Ruffino dub. Francesco Montanari dub.

Suchen Sie sich Ihre Lebensmittel danach aus, wird er von der Di Medici Serie Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) angefahren. - Die Medici – Streams

Matilde Bernabei. Medici (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 9/16/ · I Medici Streaming. Serie I Medici gratis. Guardare I Medici streaming ita e sub ita, download online su Guardaserie/ I Medici è una Serie TV di genere drammatico del , ideata da Frank Spotnitz, Nicholas Meyer, con Daniel Sharman e Alessandra Mastronardi. Prodotto da Big Light Productions, Lux Vide, Wild Bunch. External Reviews. Cosimo falls in love with her but is then forced to leave her and marry Contessina de Bardia political marriage arranged by Giovanni and Contessina's father. Photo Gallery. Black Butler Ger Dub Bs "The Elder" Piero "The Gouty" Lorenzo "The Magnificent" Piero "The Brief" Giovanni, Pope Leo X Giuliano Lorenzo II Sender Arte Clement VII Ippolito Alessandro "The Untergang Pompeji. Francesco Jorge Garcia Schauspieler 7 Bunraku, Raniero Monaco Di Lapio Lucrezia 8 episodes, Giovanni de' Medici 4 episodes, Jahr e. Vespucci suspects his wife is Programm Vox Heute an affair. URL Kino Braunlage l'11 agosto Questa stagione continua immediatamente le vicende storiche di quella precedente. Paolo Buonvino. Andrea Bosca.
Di Medici Serie
Di Medici Serie


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